Residents call on Mayor Adams to expand ferry to Canarsie Pier

Residents and transportation advocates gathered at the Canarsie Pier Sunday to call on Mayor Eric Adams to bring a ferry stop there.
Members of the Flossy Organization and others stood in solidarity to push for a movement that they say has been ongoing since 2017.
The community has advocated to have a ferry stop at the pier, saying it will cut time from their commutes to Manhattan and northern parts of Brooklyn.
They want Adams to deliver the promise they said he gave them when he was the Brooklyn borough president.
Residents said buses and trains are often delayed and they need another way to get around. They added that the ferry at Canarsie Pier will just be beneficial for the community overall.
Jibreel Jalloh, the president of the Flossy Organization, he said another rally is set for Monday with the goal of ultimately bring the ferry to Canarsie.
News 12 reached out to the NYC Economic Development Corporation for a statement, which says:
“NYC Ferry plays an important role as a transit option, and we welcome New Yorkers’ advocacy and excitement about NYC Ferry and the recognition about the critical part it plays in our communities. While we are not actively pursuing expansion options, our focus is on making our current service more accessible, equitable, and financially sustainable through the Adams administration’s Ferry Forward plan.”

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